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We’re Fully Booked!

Please enjoy the lovely words and images on the site and sign up for the newsletter (if you’d like to learn a thing or two for free). For now, we’re fully booked and will be holding off on adding any clients until April 2018.

If you feel like you absolutely would like our services and want to be added to our potential client list for April, please contact us and we’ll keep you at the VERY top of our hearts.


Thanks so much!


Great writing and effective content marketing are amazing because, essentially, your business tells a story. That story is what will attract or repel clients, and it’s the story we want to help you perfect. This carries across your 

  • social media platforms
  • your site copy
  • even down to your business cards

Impeccable writing will not only attract the right type of clients but it will boost the beautiful, old fashioned Word of Mouth marketing that goes hand in hand with content marketing.


Our Weapons of Choice:

TL;DR – Writing Wolves provides affordable Content Marketing and WordPress sites for your small business. This includes both site and social media maintenance, blogging, email marketing, and more.


This is the big deal, isn’t it? Writing is our specialty and our pleasure. We provide content marketing, website copy, and generally any type of writing your business may need. Ever.

WordPress Sites

We want people to see you, understand you, and become your loyal clients. We offer numerous packages to make that happen, including whiteboard animations and website creation and maintenance.

Social Media

We provide a memorable online presence for your business. Reach your clients where they live, work, play, and generally hang out when they’re bored at work.

Get Your Free Site and Social Media Evaluation

We’re ready – NOW! Send us an email or give us a call to set up a free evaluation for your site or social media. We’ll go over every inch of both and give you detailed advice and some benchmarks to get you going on the road to excellent content and a beautiful website.

Some People Kinda Like Us

Trey Briggs of Writing Wolves has stellar writing skills. She listens to what her clients need and makes suggestions on content to be delivered. Because she's had such a broad range of clients, she understands how to marry words, emotion and personas to have audiences engage with the content she writes...And, her social media skills are brilliant.

RareAgent CEO, Marge Bieler

Noelle Noble SEO services

I absolutely love working with Trey for contracted writing services. She's super easy to work with and does a great job on the articles we have been having her write for the past year. If something isn't up to par, she is quick to edit and has always made sure articles are exactly what we need before we move on to the next topic. I highly recommend her unique and skilled writing services for any online company! Thanks for all your hard work Trey!

Noelle Noble

Trey is a woman of words, with an unerring sense of how best to communicate for clients and for herself. She's concise, graceful, and spot on in what she writes. She's honest and conscientious. Anyone who lets her speak for them is a lucky person indeed!

Mary Patterson Thornburg

Trey has developed 2 whiteboard animations for us and they've both helped us schedule meetings. One whiteboard scheduled 4 meetings within a week! We provided Trey with an outline of what we wanted but she took it to another level of creativity and we were really happy! Trey was not only easy to work with she exceeded our expectations. I'd highly recommend Trey without any doubts.

Christopher DiCenso

Basically, we get the STUFF done so you can work on the actual BUSINESS.