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Social Media Management

Marketing is expensive yet completely necessary. A great cheap way to market is with the enhanced word of mouth of social media. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest landscape to navigate and you’re just way too busy. We get you, but we’re here to tell you that there’s no way around it. It’s both a gift and a curse and, in our opinion, a huge opportunity for business. You are always just a click away from valuable leads.

We work with you to figure out a realistic social media plan that incorporates real engagement. This is not about buying likes. Real engagement takes time and care and builds actual loyalty.

As with everything else, we only want what works for your business. There are tons of social sites out there – you don’t need to join them all. We have experience with various types of social media that cater to different platforms for different reasons. Some of the sites we love:


  • Houzz
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • More!

Our aim is to target the best sites for your small business and get you set up for success.

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Our Social Media Management Service Helps You:

You’re a teacher. That is, you’re always a teacher in business if you know what’s good for you. Becoming a brand ambassador means utilizing your social media to show the world that you know your stuff and you’re not afraid to spread the knowledge. Remember: PEOPLE LOVE TEACHERS!

Everything is social these days. Consumers want to know that you are connected to the world you’re trying to conduct business in, after all. They will check your social media before they check anything else, so having yours together with regular posting and relevant content is a must.

Life is about connection. We help you respond to clients and leads a like, engage with them in a professional but easy way, and enthrall them with your personality. Social Media is the biggest place disgruntled clients will turn to when it all comes down to it – we make sure you’re listening so you can respond with a professionalism that will win them over!

Running a small business takes time, energy, and a whole lot of coffee. Writing Wolves takes over the social part (which doubles as cheap marketing, so there’s that) so that you can focus on actually running your business. Put your phone down, buddy. We’ll handle it.

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